Monday, December 7, 2009

Mr Darcy

Pride is a good feeling if you have accomplished something - my brother in law Darcy Sheehan sits astride the custom built Harley Davidson that he built and entered in the Whangarei Motorbike show by his company 'East Coast Motor Bikes'

Prejudice by a group of insiders is avoided by donating a trophy " Best In Show" - that is voted for by the viewing public"

My brother in law Darcy Sheehan is an accomplished businessman who currently runs East Coast Motor Cycles - a company that imports and sells Harley Davidson motorcycles. A recent development in his business is to import various component packages to make custom built bikes - it seems to be a bit like putting together Lego - you decide on the look of a bike and then import and bolt together the component custom parts.

A few weeks ago there was a bike show in Whangarei and Darcy and his partner in the custom bike building part of his business built a couple of bikes for the show. They also donated to the show a trophy "Best Bike In The Show" to be awarded on the result of a popular vote by the viewing public. It was with a huge amount of embarrassment that Darcy and his colleague won back the trophy that they had donated!!

Congratulations Darcy! - The Whanau is proud of you, but we are prejudiced :-)

I wonder if I keep the engine noise down I could get away with riding this on the cylce paths in The Netherlands? No? Well I was only wondering.


Katherine said...

Wow. I'm not really into those kind of bikes, but that is spectacular!

Alden Smith said...

Yes I am not really into that particular type of motorbike either, but what does attract me is the shineness of the thing - I am convinced that we are all descended from magpies.