Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Earth Is Enough

Bay of Islands New Zealand


You listen to a blind man singing
what only the lucky can see
and you've a feeling you're
missing something he is not

let what's constant be reassuring
not dull ..... and let time slow

for you like it that way
there's a rhythm
in the waves of the land
and in the clouds

looking for a way
out of the sky ..... and the light

so bright all day
is fading ..... soft
oh dulcet air and airs
you touch us inside

and out and you don't ever
want them to leave you alone

there must be some
who believe the earth is enough
who thinks of anthems
of refuge ... of wonder ... of peace



Katherine said...

Lovely. Perfect. My sentiments exactly.

Alden Smith said...

And Katherine you paint our landscape so well, so very well indeed. I think we are lucky in New Zealand to have such a huge variety of landscapes within such a relatively small area - but for most I guess it's the landscape that one grows up with that really etches itself upon your soul.