Saturday, November 7, 2009

Signs of Spring

Zebby the cat seeks the shade, I wear jandals and sit in the sun drinking a morning cup of tea - a sure sign that the great seasonal propeller is returning Spring to Northland again.

There is a distinctiveness about Northland Springs and Summers. It is a distinctiveness that needs to be felt - something is singing in the air; an unspoken expectancy, a shimmering, a sharpness of light, the wind is warm, warm, warm and the sun demands huge respect - This is no ordinary sun, with its zenith almost overhead at the height of summer and with a burn time of about 6 minutes you feel and know that its engine is thermo nuclear.

That world renowned hedging bush 'Greenis Vegetatas Comminus' displays its Spring flowers. This outdoor chair is world famous - it was on this meditation chair that I discovered the full meaning of life and the universe.

Northland doesn't have the distinct seasonal contrasts that other countries, or even other more southern parts of New Zealand have. The contrast is one of wet, cold and rain contrasted with wet, warm and sun. But there is a very special time from December through to February where Northland transforms itself into something special and very particular to itself - razor sharp light, incandescent sun, furnace like warm, huggible wind, iridescent colours, dusky horizons and magic.
Each locality in New Zealand in every season weaves its own magic as it interacts with the weather - Central Otago, Banks Peninsular and Canterbury, the Able Tasman National Park - to name a few, all weave their own particular chemistry and enchantment.

The old Bottlebush tree at the front of the house with its candles on fire - This tree whooped with delight on November the 5th - Guy Fawkes night - Old Bottlebrush flashed with fire under the high stars and the celebratory fireworks.
Spring brings the rumour of Summer with her and my eyes turn towards the coast and the sea - out come the charts - I look forward to day sails, some weekends away maybe and a few big sails over the Christmas period - Spring is bought to us by the old propellers of the seasons and no matter what has gone before, it always holds gently in its hands, the hopes of new beginnings.


Anonymous said...

Great, you get Spring, (not that I'm begrudging you Spring) and we get Fall...... and then Winter....

Alden Smith said...

And so you should get Fall, if it snowed here at the same time as North America, everything would be in perfect balance in terms of weight, the planet wouldn't wobble properly and life would be very boring.

Thankyou for your comment, I shall visit your blog and probably comment in a similiarly flippant way - its been one of those sorts of days.

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, as fall here deepens I must put my boats away and dream of boats. I guess the seasonality of yachting is a big part of its appeal. So many endings and beginnings. So lovely. Reading your blogs last December about your summer sailing adventures as I looked out on cold and wintry California landscapes was just wonderful! I look forward to reading more of them, Pal.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Dan, the summer arriving very fast here, so there will be a fair share of sailing postings from me over the next few months.

You are right about the beginnings and endings of things, and it is all the associated activity that makes sailing such an all ingrossing sport - and as I get older I really appreciate the way it keeps me fit.