Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Holder for a Mariners Binoculars (1)

The 'G' cramps have been removed which held the wood while the glue was drying and I am now ready to fair and level the backing plate with the smoothing plane. In all I glued together four scraps of wood to make a piece big enough to take the binoculars. ( Old boat builders like me never throw out wood ends if at all possible as you never quite know when they might come in useful)

This is a job I have meaning to do for ages. There are times when you are sailing where you are continuosly picking up and putting down binoculars, the wind is fresh, the boat is heeling and you want a safe and handy place to put the binoculars. I intend to screw this holder just inside the companion way hatch, a very handy place and close to the helmsman / woman.

The teak wood block has been squared up with a small fine toothed hand saw and the job of planing and sanding has begun.
The sanding is nearly complete and you can see more clearly the detail of the wood grain.
Measuring and aligning the brass rod which will be used to hold the binoculars in place.
I have bent the brass rod in the vice and are about to drill the holes for the rod ends. Quarter inch brass rod is no match for a 90 kg man who has just eaten a good lunch.
Checking and fitting the clearances around the binoculars. The wooden backing plate is wedge shaped so that when it is fitted vertically to the yachts rear bulkhead the binoculars are leaning slightly backwards which help to keep them in place.
A first coat of varnish is applied which brings out the beautiful wood grain. I will give it several more coats of varnish before screwing the whole setup firmly in place close to the skippers steering position on the good ship Mariner.
There are a number of nice little jobs that need doing on the boat. It is always a pleasant exercise problem solving, designing and executing some sort of solution.


Delwyn said...

What a clever pixie you are...I can smell the curls of planed wood...my grandfather was a carpenter and his huge workshop in Timaru was scattered with the lovely curls of planed wood.
Are you about to sail again?

Happy days

Alden Smith said...

I am not sure that I see myself as a Pixie - if I had to have ears like that I think I would rather identify with Dr Spock of Star Trek fame.

Sailing? I am always sailing either in my minds eye or in fact -and I am going for a sail next week with a friend who likes playing hooky from work.

Dan Gurney said...

Alden, I'm sailing in almost all my spare time too, mostly in my mind's eye, sometimes on YouTube, but also in the real world. I'm positively seasick in a good way.

I love your binocular project. I take myself great pleasure in such pursuits. Well done!

Take care, my good Pal!

Alden Smith said...

Dan, the minds eye is a source of much pleasure isn't is, but nothing, but nothing beats the real thing.