Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Noorde Zee (North Sea) Coastal Route

I began the North Sea route at Vlissingen which is close to the Belgium border. The route hugs the coastline from the province of Zeeland to the port of Den Helder in the north.

You don't bike on the motorways, you bike under them on the well signed network of paths.

Small, now obsolete lighthouse near Rotterdam.

I counted over thirty ships anchored in the stream on the North Sea coast waiting to berth at Rotterdam one of the worlds biggest ports. On the map Rotterdam looked like a formidable place to have to navigate on a bike, but by following the route numbers it was a cinch.

It is very hard to find wilderness in the Netherlands, in fact there isn't any to speak of. As I cycled through the sand dunes on the coastal route I would come across something like this - a large tea / coffee house / restaurant in the middle of nowhere with road access and filled to the gunwales with nice Dutch people taking tea.

The large canal that allows access to Rotterdam from the North Sea.

The natural and artificial landscapes are always in close proximity.

Coastal town. This boat was permanently sited for children to play on.

How do you head north? Just follow the arrows on the signs - easy peasy :-)


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