Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Netherlands (Photos) (4)

All of the little villages on the shores of the Ijsselmeer have a canal that ends in the heart of the village.
Corpulant and beautiful - Traditional Dutch 'Schokker' type yacht.

A New Zealand tent and pannier bags in loose affiliation with a Dutch bicycle is a potent combination.If there is one country on the planet where modern windmills don't seem out of place it is The Netherlands - they complement the old traditonal windmills that are part of the traditional image of Holland.A typical scene - bicycles everywhere - these are some of the many millions of bicycles to be found in The Netherlands.
An iconic symbol of The Netherlands and the way that much reclaimation of much land from the sea was achieved.


Dan Gurney said...

I love it. Windmills too! And from what I understand, the Dutch have more liberal views in regard to substances which here in the US are "controlled." I think a vacation in the Netherlands is in order.

One question: does the Duch Zeeland have anything to do with New "Zealand"?

VenDr said...

Great shots. And you needn't think I am envious because I'm not. No sirree, not even the teensiest bit. Huh! Jealous? Me? The very thought of it! Pah!

...can i come.....?

Kathryn said...

Great photos. It looks lovely. The old windmills & the new windmills. And all those bicycles! Is it warm enough in that litle tent?

Alden Smith said...

Dan,the Dutch have liberal attitudes to all sorts of things including substances, but this is causing some concern now as the dope thats smoked is so strong these days with the problems that this brings.
From my own point of view, I am not interested in smoking or doing anything that prevents me from connecting in the most direct way with what I am experiencing.

Alden Smith said...

Kelvin, of course you are not envious and even if you were it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference to my level of smugness and sense of having an exclusive experience, hell I beat all that out of myself on the way to my current enlightened state.
So you won't feel any sense of envy about the fact that I dallied amongst 200 original Van Goghs yesterday (I will leave mentioning the Rembrandts to another time) - no, its hard and difficult work, not without its dangers, but someone has to do it.

Alden Smith said...

Kathryn, its getting colder by the day as Europe embraces Autumn - today is very misty and a bit wet, but I just do what I do as a sailor, reef down, pull up the hood on my Hunky Dory jacket and keep going - I also have a secret weapon in my panniers (thermal underwear made from very woolly NZ Merino sheep) - I will be home before Winter, but I am coming back.

Ben Bongers said...

Hello, I am a Dutch citizen living in a small village near the city of Tiel, in the center of the Netherlands. Several months ago I stumbled upon your blog, when I was searching for what became of the Ngataki. Your blog about your cycling trip in the Netherlands is so beautiful that I got a bit emotional. A suggestion for another beautiful experience is cycling on the dikes of the big rivers. Come along and I will show you around.
M 06-285.49.346
P.S. I am not a saylor, but love to read about it.

Janice said...

Alden, (I have nothing but admiration for the intrepid New Zealander that you are, so full of adventure, etc. You are amazing! You must come to Canada sometime, there's lots of sailing and cycling where I live too, and we might even be able to scare up some ccg's for you to look at. What say you?

Ben Bongers said...

Dutch Zeeland has certainly to do with New Zealand. According to Dutch Wikipedia:
Abel Tasman called it Statenland.
After Hendrik Brouwer (also Dutchman) found out that it was not attached to South America, his Cartographers (from the VOC) called it Nova Zeelandia to the Dutch province. Lateron James Cook translated it to New Zealand.
By the way Alden, the wheather you now encounter is more like the normal type for this time of the year. Hope your rain gear is in order and that you have a tail wind.
Good luck.

Alden Smith said...

Hello Ben Bongers, thankyou for your offer to show me around, I am on the way to Zeeland at the moment and probably will not be able to take up your offer because I am now running out of time - but thanks anyway for your kind thought and for you comments on my Blogspot - I hope you continue to comment. :-)

De Denker said...

Nice pictures. I would like to use it on my blog: http://picture-the-netherlands.blogspot.com/

Is that posible?

Alden Smith said...

De Denker, Yes I am happy for you to use these Netherlands photos or mine for non commercial purposes only ok?