Friday, February 6, 2009

In Praise of My Bed

A sailors bed is a hammock so they say, (and I am a sailor of sorts) - but any sort of bed will do me when I am tired out - all I need is peace and quiet, stillness and darkness.

Now that I am back at work and the summer holidays are over I am finding that I really need my sleep to be able to function properly. I had an occasion last year where for medical reasons (long story don't ask) I didn't sleep for a few days in a row - what happens in this sort of situation? - well you start down the slippery road to going a little crazy - so I learnt a very hard but valuable lesson about the need for adequate sleep -- but I digress --- Now that I am back at work I need to get as much sleep as I can and look after myself. I am no use to anybody if I can't function properly.

Looking after oneself and being able to function properly reminds me of what you are told when you go on an aeroplane i.e. - "If the oxygen masks fall down, put yours on first, then put the mask on your child etc - if you don't put yours on first, very soon you will not be alive and you won't be able to help anyone else" - adequate sleep is just like that, its an oxygen mask of sorts - if you don't get enough sleep very soon you will be of no use to anyone because you will be irritable, exhausted, inefficient and unhappy. It can even affect your driving in a dangerous manner - the last thing you want to do is to bowl a cyclist or drive into a tree!

----- sobering stuff and quite correct.

.........So here is a poem about someones bed.

IN PRAISE OF MY BED -- Meredith Holmes

At last I can be with you!
The grinding hours
since I left your side!
The labour of being fully human.
working my opposable thumb,
talking, and walking upright.
Now I have unclasped
unzipped, stepped out of.
Husked, soft, a be - er only,
I do nothing, but point
my bare feet into your
clean smoothness
feel your quiet strength
the whole length of my body.
I close my eyes, hear myself
moan, so grateful to be held this way.
Hmmmm ...... praise indeed don't you think?


Delwyn said...

'to sleep, perchance to dream...'

Mr. Kinder said...

Alden, like you, I find it difficult to schedule enough time for sleep during the school year.

One reason I love vacation is that I get to sleep eight hours and dream those vivid and easy-to-remember dreams that come after the sixth hour of sleep.

I can and do manage on about 6 hours per night during the school year. Not ideal, but enough, I guess.

VioletSky said...

I do love my sleep. And also don't seem to always get enough of it.

That poem is very apt!

Alden said...

Thankyou friends for your comments. The other dynamic that seems to be a factor here is the old idea that one is either a night owl or an early morning song bird of some sort. I am a night owl with a determination that I am going to claim some part of the day for myself - with the result that I inevitablely don't get to bed when I should and end up with a cumulated sleep lose. A bonus is though that I have no trouble getting to sleep when I want to so long as nothing serious is worrying me.

Delwyn said...

Snow envy huh???

Kathryn said...

And I agree with you wholeheartedly on the sleep issue. There is nothing worse than knowing that you would be functioning much better today if only you had gone to bed an hour earlier last night!

Love the poem. :-)

Alden said...

What exactly is 'snow envy' Delwyn ? you have me puzzeled.