Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Imperative In The Solar Plexus

I went for a solo sail today and thought that a good way of getting rid of irksome imperatives is to give them a well directed kick in THEIR solar plexus. I even took a photograph of my right foot to nail to my mast as a warning - but like all imperatives nothing ever really frightens them. They usually have their own internal logic which in the end determines the outcome - do read on:

Today I woke with a start. It was a little like being hit in the solar plexus.
It was Mr Imperative again - he comes knocking from time to time.
He always makes demands. Sometimes it's wise to listen, sometimes it's very wise not to.

"This is not just improbable, but impossible he said.
This is too much trouble he said.
You don't know what you are doing.
You are taking a great risk.
You always were naive and stupid.
Its a huge thing to have to build.
Have you thought of the cost?
What do you really know?
Are you an expert?
How can you manage this?
Why would you want to?
The outcome is uncertain.
You are reading the navigation chart upside down in the dark with your sunglasses on again.
For Gods sake have a beer and just forget about it."

I listened, I always listen. I am a reasonable chap, usually like to please, will give things a try, I take advice.
"Ok" I said - "I'll do what you say. I will give it a go we will see what happens."

I won't give you the exact details of my imperative because I can do better than that. I can give you the intimate details of how hard it was to acquiesce to the demands of this imperative in the manner of a metaphor- I found that even if I had wanted to do what the imperative demanded it was impossible.

Here are the intimate details of dealing with this - it comes in the form of a metaphorical scientific experiment. - That's good, because we must always do the experiment and collect the data. Data is good, data is empirical science, data doesn't lie. I'm a big big starter for collecting plenty of data. Try this yourself and see how you go.

Go to the end of a wind blown peninsula and wave your hands around and try and stop the wind. Watch to see if all the yachts stop dead in the water.
Now reach up higher with you hands and grab the sun, take it and throw it into the ocean.
Its dark now - look up. See those stars, those gorgeous high, high sailing stars that are twinkling and smiling, well snuff them out right now.
It should now be still and dark - so now I want you to will yourself to stop breathing and because you are doing so well - try and will your heart to stop beating to.

Easy isn't it.


Delwyn said...

A battle of wills???

Mr. Kinder said...

Since we all seem to be "stuck with" hearts that beat and breath that breathes itself, why don't we simply try to shine our corner of the world as best we can?

Alden said...

Delwyn and Dan - life is complex, sometimes more complex than one thought it could ever be - but hey!I've got a good set of lungs that are working well and my hearts still beating.

Delwyn said...

Is your imperative afraid that you will follow Icarus?

Alden said...

Poor, poor Icarus, he didn't die wondering I'll give him that.

Katherine said...

It's said that people at the end of their lives, don't so much regret the things they did, as they regret the things they didn't do. Is this a time you could say "YES"?

Alden said...

For some people it may be a matter of regrets in some areas, for others it is probably a matter of realising that if they have a very long list of things to do, the clock is tick tocking with a new urgency.

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