Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scissors And Rabbits

It’s been a last minute rush. We have been so busy. Today we decorated our Christmas tree. We didn’t use pre prepared commercial tinsel and glitter or teacher prepared colour ins and cutouts, or any other uncreative whizz bangs. As always we bring our own skills to the task. We just used coloured paper and crayons and pens. Of course we used our secret weapons as well – the children’s imaginations.

The children are sitting expectantly waiting for their instructions. “Now", I said looking at our scissor box with rows of scissors sitting with their handles looking like rabbits ears. “ After you have drawn and coloured in your decorations cut them out with these rabbits and cello tape them on the tree.” They didn’t flinch – they know the old humour well – “SCISSORS” they call back, “RABBITS’ I reply, “SCISSORS’ they say again, "Mr Smith they are SCIIIISSSSSSSSOOOOORS !!!!! "

“Ok”, I say, “cut your decorations out with the SCISSORS” - without flinching and as one they yell back “RABBITS”, I say “SCISSORS”, ---- “RABBITS” they cry. They know the old humour well.

With the world supposedly going to hell in a hand cart, I have a warm feeling as I look at the future sitting there. I think we are in safe hands.


Katherine said...

What a lovely post. Perhaps THIS is where all the dear innocent and natural children are - in small-town New Zealand being taught by lovely teacher like you. I hope so!

Alden said...

What a nice comment Katherine, thankyou. I think young people get a bad press quite often and out of all proportion to their supposed misdemeanors.

There is a classic rant somewhere about the "young people of today" which seems very contemporary until it states at the end that it was written by Socrates or Plato.

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

I love this! I use exactly the same kind of humor in my classroom, but I never thought to blog about it. When we return in 2009, I plan to capture some of my jokes. And I plan to use the scissor/rabbit joke myself.


Alden said...

You are welcome to use it, just pop the cheque in the mail :-)

Anonymous said...

Just re located your blog - What a great way to finish the year! Know the kids well. I hope you and they are enjoying a well earned break. Happy New Year Alden! Look foward to catching up in 2009

David Laird

Alden said...

Thanks David - and I hope you are having a great holiday - looking forward to working with you again in 2009 - I just had a thought - you are like me, you like travelling overseas, why don't we run away from all this bloody work and have a boys weekend somewhere in Europe - what do you say old friend!