Friday, December 26, 2008

Some People Are Just Really Nice And Friendly - I Love That

Photo - Charlotte Smith (Worlds Best Daughter)
Painting anti fouling paint on my boat is not an onerous task at all, quite pleasant in fact. While I was painting some of it on the boat and some of it on myself - - - In the best tradition of New Zealand friendship, Brian who runs a motel that backs onto the boatyard bought me a couple of bottles of beer when he saw me sweltering in the sun - - - we had a chat, a drink together in the shade, we sorted out All the worlds major issues which left us with the comforting feeling that if we were running things the world would be a sort of earthly paradise, or something pretty close anyway. Then I went back to my painting - Kindness, a beer, a chat, such are the little things that make the world go round - - - Thanks Brian you are the man!



Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

I wonder if you shared my idea for solving the world's problems: Shrink the military budget of my country, (US) so that the military budget was about the same as the Peace Corps budget. I suppose that would be about 1/700 of its current allocation. Redirect some of that money to develop and deploy technologies to reduce and reverse environmental damage.

Alden said...

I think if we were all to beat our swords into ploughshares the world would be a better and safer place, but maybe that's a bit unrealistic to have happen overnight.

But there are some very simple things that the West and its allies could do and that just stop selling guns, bombs, and all the other paraphrenalia of war to despots and dictators around the world - that would surely be a start wouldn't it? -

Katherine said...

Lovely post Auden. And yes and yes to your and Dan's ideas. But how to evaporate all those national 'territorial' fears which, it seems to me, is what drives agression? Perhaps global warming will increase the evaporation rate.

VenDr said...

Happy New Year. It looks like it's going to start well for you.