Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Now Where's One Of Those Jump Ramp Thingys

2008 Honda VFR800i Vtec - Yes please; yes the colours fine; delivery? no I think I'll just ride it home now; yes she'll looooove it. I can just see the expression on her face now. :-)


VenDr said...

I test drove one of these a week or two back. Lovely. It didn't do a thing wrong. But do take a Triumph Sprint for a test drive before laying down your hard earned on the VFR. More horsepower. More panache. Better looking. Comes with panniers as standard.

VenDr said...

...and the guys in the place where they are trying very hard to sell me a used Ducati or Moto Guzzi tell me that the VTec Hondas are a step down from the older non VTec ones. There is, apparantly, a more even power band on the old ones. VTec means a bit of a power surge at high revs - not that I found that out myself.

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