Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't Try This At Home

A couple of weeks ago I drove down to Auckland to take a look at the "Big Boys Toys" show. This sort of show doesn't usually interest me and the only reason I went is that I am in the market for a motorbike. I have to say it was a nice day out, a distraction from the heap of end of term work that confronts me and I DID see some beautiful motorbikes.

One of the reasons it was a fun day was that I saw a whole lot of people having fun and enjoying themselves, especially those participating in or viewing the rolling display of entertainment outside the stadiums that held all the "toys".

One man I saw enjoying himself immensely was the big chap with the huge muscular torso who features on the TV advertisement where his single spoken line is "Big Is Good" - he was having a great day and from his body language and the smile on his face as he posed for photographs with all and sundry you could see he was enjoying his new found celebratory - he exemplified the nature of much celebratory in the modern world, that of - "being famous for being well known".

One of the acts was truly death defying. It consisted of a handful of very brave young men riding trail bikes at speed towards a lift off ramp, flying gracefully through the air and landing on another ramp. While airborne each individual would engage in various tricks of one sort or another. The most heart stopping trick, executed by only one of the riders ( a runner up world champion in this sort of calculated stupidity) is the back flip - - the bike takes off at speed and leaves the ramp, there is then a sort of slow motion rotation backwards at the apogee of the trajectory as the crowd gasps and holds its breathe, then suddenly a safe landing to the ecstatic thunderous applause of the crowd - truly amazing, death defying, graceful and completely bonkers - but I loved every minute of it.

As I drove home after introducing myself warmly and cordially to the type of motorcycle I am going to purchase I swore to myself that I would never, never, ever, ever try a crazy bloody stunt like that, EVER!!


Katherine said...

Good. I'm glad to hear it. But... Methinks thou dost protest too much. :-)

Alden said...

Stop encouraging me, I like it.