Monday, October 27, 2008

" This Is The World Service Of The BBC "

Single Side Band Radio Transceiver on yacht 'Mariner'

If the two chaps who were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics a few decades ago for their work on background cosmic radiation want to listen again to the background radiation left over from the big bang then all they need to do is give me a ring and I will repeat the experiment for them.
All I would need to do would be to turn this radio on and let them listen to the background hissing and crackling and anyone looking at them would be able to tell from the smiles on their faces that they were in familiar territory. This radio hisses, warbles, whistles, crackles and hums to its hearts content.

Now I am not a physicist but I am pretty certain that the hissing (similar in nature to the 'snow' on a non receiving TV channel) is evidence of background radiation left over from the 'big bang'.

This is the ship to shore radio on my yacht 'Mariner'. It is over thirty years old. It works just fine and dandy and provides a link to civilisation if required when I go cruising. I can get detailed short and long term marine radio weather forecasts when required and in an emergency I would be able to send out a Mayday message.

I could buy a new radio which would have all sorts of modern triple gripple back shackles and widgets in it that will suppress background interference, but I can't afford to do that and also there is the question here of nostalgia. The interference when receiving messages makes the transmitter of the message sound a long way away. It reminds me of my childhood when I would hear the time pips on our old valve radio and hear a distant disembodied voice intoning the queen's english in a deep rich voice as he declared..... "This is the world service of the BBC. Here is the news".


Katherine said...

I had a crystal radio from about 7 years old. I would jump into bed, jam it in my ear, and (very) faintly hear:
The National programme, orchestras, the Goon Show, The Clithero Kid etc. etc. And of course, The BBC. Marvelous!

We used to listen to the Children's Request Session on Sunday nights, but that was on the big valve job in the lounge.

Oh dear I feel as though I come from another era!

Tillerman said...

I feel and KNOW that I come from another era. I said at work today, "I have known her for donks", and the young ones laughed and didn't know what I was talking about.
If I was to say that I once wore flared trousers they would probably think it was some kind of Guy Fawkes outfit.

Of course they sometimes speak a different dialect themselves! - all good fun :-)

日月神教-向左使 said...