Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Note About My Prize Winning Blogspot And A Totally Unrelated Rave!!!!

Well it had to happen, not an Academy Award, no something much better. This Blogspot has been awarded the 'I LOVE YOUR BLOGSPOT' citation from Katherine of "The Last Visible Dog" Blogspot fame.

Of course I am honoured indeed, overwhelmed even, by such an award. I am also a bit apologetic that it has taken me a bit of time to honour the honour with a posting. It has been one of those months really. I arrived back at school and hit the classroom running after the school holidays, to be confronted with the demands of the up coming Calf Club / Flower Show day, which is a bit of an institution in many rural New Zealand schools. Spending the time with the children preparing the 'in class' exhibits has been keeping me very busy indeed and I have not had the energy to post online at all.

Next Thursday and Friday will be ground Zero at my school as tons of flowers, exhibits, calves, lambs and other pets arrive for two days of fun and exhaustion.

I hope to post some photos if I remember and get the chance to point the camera amongst the hurley burly of the event.

Now what was that I was collecting together .... camera, art gear, table throws, blood pressure pills, whisky laden hip flask (medicinal purposes only, yeah right)................. What the hell are you moaning about Tillerman ? you only have: athletics day, school reports, WaterWise training, staff appraisals, planning checks, next years planning overviews, budgets, full time teaching responsibilities, and the end of year concert to go! and all those HOLIDAYS and you only WORK NINE TO THREE, and you are PAID HUGE SUMS OF MONEY; why, you don't even WORK IN THE REAL WORLD.

Oh happy days.


Katherine said...

I know, I know. You are doing marvels, I bet. Like a duck*

*Serene on the top but paddling like crazy underneath.

Tillerman said...

Thank God all that's over. Today we had a serious review of the whole thing - we may do the show day biannually with a Gala Day or some other event on the alternate years - all sounds like more hard work to me - I would like it biannually full stop.