Monday, September 22, 2008

Tea For The Tillerman - Almost Within My Grasp 2

Photo Alden Smith 2006 - Simon The Pieman - Rye, South Coast of Old Blighty

To continue with my theme of lost opportunities I must tell you about Simon The Pieman in the picturesque city of Rye on the south coast of England.

What could be better for the marriage of a Tillermans thirst with Tillermans midday appetite? Yes you are absolutely right, a sumptuous little tea shop in the middle of Rye, full, chocker, resplendent, yes outrageously, fulsomely and overflowingly ripe with a repast fit for a king, let alone a tubby little middle aged Tillerman! And from inside the little teashop the gentle chinking cadence of trays of Royal Dalton cups and saucers and fat steaming teapots bulging full of good wholesome English breakfast tea being carried to happy smiling customers sitting at cake laden tables.

Did I go in and slake and fulfil said thirst and appetite? Did I hell as like! You see I was accompanied by two intelligent, beautiful women who despite their intelligence, wit, charms and concern regarding my noontime yearnings, indulged their prerogatives and vacillations, their hummings and hahhing, they prevaricated, procrastinated and equivocated and before you could say English breakfast tea and two dozen assorted cakes please Mr Simon (and don't go easy on the cream please) the shop was out of sight. Bugger.

What to do? Well I'm going back, that's what I'm going to do. A Tillerman without the experience of Tea drinking in Rye is like a little yawl called Crackling Rosie without a tiller; rudderless on a buoyant sea of imaginings.

So I'm going back. Just see if you can stop me. Ha!

PS - Thank you ladies for providing me with this opportunity for a triumphant return.


Katherine said...

Is this trip imminent Auden? How will we get along without your vocabulaic ventures? Your unprosaic postings? Your jocular jottings?

Anyway, that's what you get for prevaricating about the bush. I love Rye too. Last time I was there, I went up St Mary's Church (well worth it) and, leaning out over the parapet too far in order to take a photo of the little gold cherub that holds the hammer that strikes the clock, my glasses fell off my head and sailed down to a roof top below... I think I feel a post coming on...

Kathryn said...

You definitely should go back.
That's the wonderful thing about missed opportunities while on holiday - they are the reasons to go there again & again & again (if it's a place you love!).
And don't all the memories of the places that you love get tangled up with the food that you ate there?
I was just telling a work colleague this morning how I remember a trip to Gruyere in Switzerland in about 1990. And it was not only about the wonderful scenery, the tinkling cow bells, the castle etc, but also the food! And thick cream served in wooden bowls, wonderful coffee, delicious cheese fondue. Ah, I would love to go back there.....

Tillerman said...

Sorry about your glasses Katherine, that was an expensive accident! Rye is an interesting and pretty little place. We saw the church but didn't go up the tower. I took a photo of a building called 'The Mint' with two front doors, One was number '44The Mint' the other was number '44 1/2 The Mint'.

Tillerman said...

Kathryn you are absolutely right about the missed opportunities as a reason and I really think you have to stay in towns or cities for a few days to get a 'feel' for the place. So much of our European tour in 2006 was a bit too 'whistle stop' in nature ( due to time really). We regard our time there as a first recce of the land before going back a second time.

And you are spot on about the food (of course I know you included wine as a food) getting all tangled up - so true - sights, people, food, experiences all contribute to the overall experience. (esp food!).

We are thinking of going back probably in about 18 months time, that should give Simon the Pieman time to cook up a storm for me!