Sunday, September 28, 2008


Pohutukawa trees in flower - Whale Bay - Northland Coast

Recently I have seen the golden Kowhai tree at our back door with its beautiful spring candles and the friendly Tuis with their distinctive song, who come to collect the nectar and sing for us. From the time of the spring flowering of the Kowhai this is what all Northlanders are looking forward to - The Pōhutukawa, the New Zealand Christmas tree - and high summer.

The Pohutukawa is a coastal evergreen tree of the myrtle family that produces a brilliant display of red flowers made up of a mass of stamens.

The tree grows up to twenty metres in height, with a dome-like spreading form. Its natural range is the coastal regions of the North Island of New Zealand, north of a line stretching from New Plymouth (39° S) to Gisborne (38° S). It also grows on the shores of lakes in the Rotorua area.

A giant Pōhutukawa at Te Araroa on the East Coast is reputed to be the largest in the country, with a height of 20 metres and a spread of 38 metres. The tree is renowned as a cliff-dweller, able to maintain a hold in precarious, near-vertical situations. Some specimens have matted, fibrous aerial roots.

The Pōhutukawa flowers from November to January with a peak in mid to late December (the southern hemisphere summer), with brilliant crimson flowers covering the tree, hence the nickname New Zealand Christmas Tree.

The most settled summer weather in Northland is late January through to the middle of February. When high summer comes the light is bright and sharp and the days hot, vibrant and dazzling. If there is a warm, fresh, fair wind blowing, the best thing of all that I like to be doing in a Northland summer, is to be sailing.


Katherine said...

Roll on Summer!

Kathryn said...

Beautiful photo.
And we have the beautiful Pohutukawas here in Perth, WA too; introduced of course.
They make me think of NZ.

Tillerman said...

I am in Dunedin at the moment, not a Pohutukawa in sight, but I am noticing other trees, many introduced trees and many natives - all big and leafy as spring rolls on - what a lovely place to be and especially as we are visiting two dear old friends.

VenDr said...

Pohutakawas in Perth, Kathryn? Whatever will they think of next? Gum trees in New Zealand? No, that would be too far fetched...

We do have a brave little stand of Kaui here i8n Dunedin, and a friend has a twenty year old tree which is a good 156-20 ft high in her back garden. Silly of her really, to plant it in a suburban garden. That tree will cause her a lot of bother in 2,000 years.

VenDr said...

And I really should watch those typos. Noelene's Kauri is 15 to 20 ft tall, not 156

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