Saturday, September 20, 2008

Almost Within My Grasp

Palace Theatre London 2006 - Photo Alden Smith

When you are on holiday there is never enought time to do all the things that you want to do. Everything is a bit of a compromise within the parameters of time and money. Walking back along Oxford Street to our hotel on one of the few days we had in London I saw this theatre. There I was in London, Monty Python's 'Spam A Lot' was showing, but time and circumstance didn't allow me to see it. Bugger.

A lot of things in life are a bit like that - sometimes things seem to be within our grasp, we are standing outside the door of an experience or of an understanding and for some reason or other we cannot enter at that particular time. Sometimes life seems a bit like walking down a long long corridor with doors along both sides, there is only time to open and enter some of the doors, not all of them. To enter some means that others are closed forever. When I go back to London Spamalot' s season may well have ended. That's life I guess.

What to do? - Well I'm a bit of a tenacious old bastard and I don't give up easily, so what to do? - I'm going back of course. If Spamalot (Spamalot Two The Sequel ?) isn't showing I'll take my chances on opening other doors, and Londons not too far from other places in the UK and Europe which are on my extensive 'Bucket List'.

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