Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Celebration - Painting in MSPaint By Alden Smith ©

Today in the classroom the children used pastels and dyes to create their pictures. There were pictures of trucks and fairies and flags and castles and houses and flowers. Using dye with either crayons or pastels always produces work that is bright and fresh. Children's art has such a vibrancy, potency and innocence about it. Trees can be blue or pink and castles and horses can float in mid air - of course they can. Unconsciously their pictures have a balance and symmetry to them that is uncanny. Many of the great artists say that their aim is to be able to paint or draw with the innocence and immediacy of a child.

After seeing all these great works of art strewn all over the classroom I gathered up all the brightness and light in my mind and went and used MSPaint to capture and express what I had seen.


VenDr said...

Glad to see you are still painting. You don't list it under your interests on the profile page - is this a revival or part of an ongoing thing? A year or so ago I started carving stone, and found it a very congenial way to pass a few hours. You can get Oamaru stone here: soft enough to use woodworking tools, but a nice white, solid looking thing at the end. Plus you get to stand around covered in stone dust, looking artistic and interesting, like Michaelangelo.

VenDr said...

I mean the great artist, not the teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Alden Smith said...

It is a tentative sort of revival on my part. I sit at my computer beside a painting I did in the 70s which is a reminder of a possible development for the future, but it is early days in that area.

My son Alexander whose painting features at the head of this blog has, with a friend, his own gallery called the 'Crucial Gallery' at the 'Quarry' a conglomeration of 1970s type buildings with a shop etc and a small live in artistic community. They hold exhibitions etc. Jung said that sometimes what is unlived in the parent can sometimes be lived in the child and Alex seems to be doing just that with a Joseph Campbell type 'Follow your Bliss' type attitude. He has works for sale in galleries and is touting around galleries in Auckland. The difference between Alex and myself is that I have the pretension, he has the genuine gift and an intelligence to match. He will no doubt succeed but starving in a garret in the early stages will be part of his CV.

I am well aquainted with ninja turtles. I have little boys in my class with bulging pockets full of them, and don't think that Ninjas won't win battles against manky old transformers because they do and I've seen it with my own eyes.

I am glad to hear you are carving in stone, might we see a photo of your efforts on your blog some time? - I think it is very important that we don't forget to find time to be creative and have time to play. Jung used to play in the sand etc, (not that we need anyones permission) - apart from anything else it is a form of meditation, where your mind is focussed on one thing alone.

kathryn said...

You are both so right. I started water colour painting when I was around 40, and I loved doing it and all my family have at least one of my masterpieces on display. My family always told me I had a talent for it, but I didn't believe I was "good enough".
My 6 year old grand daughter, Ella, on the other hand is a fantastic artist already! We all encourage her - she is ininhibited with colour and style & I envy her freedom.

Keep up the creative work, both of you - it is so good for all of us.

KH, Perth

Alden Smith said...

Kathryn it would be great to see some of your work. Do you have a blogspot??